Website of BIKEADVISOR Harry Hendriks


We all started riding our bike, simply because we loved it.

Always keep this in mind; I started riding because i love to ride the bike!

Being outside, feeling wind in your hair, forgetting all the stress, just you and the bike!

Guiding, teaching, learning

With the experience of coaching on international level, BIKEADVISOR will guide you towards your goals, teach you how to train, and learn you how to get to your goals. This whole proces we do together. 

Like on the bike, the chain is the most important tool to move forward. As coach i am also one of the links of the chain.

Smile and go fast

Enjoy every moment on the bike, or every training you are doing to reach your goal.


Hard work will pay off. For this discipline is needed. Never give up, keep pushing and go for your goal.


Happy.......just be happy!

Time management

With your goal in mind and many other things to do, good management of your time is needed.

Who is Harry Hendriks?

Harry Hendriks, born in 1969, started cycling when he was 9 years old. From that moment the bike was his life, and his life was the bike!

Roadracing, cyclocross and mountainbike where the disciplines he competed in. After his career he started to work as a coach and since 2010 he is UCI COACH. He worked in Turkey, Thailand and Iran as Head coach Mountainbike, with lot of succes. Also as personal coach, BIKEADVISOR, he was succesfull.  

Sea-games medals, World championships medals, Asian games, Asian championships, National championships.......just a small part of his CV.

Most important for Harry during his coaching is "SMILE AND GO FAST" Working hard together, based on trus, discipline and be happy!